Alupro Oy expands its business premises

Alupro expands its business premises in Tuusula, Finland. Over 1600 m² of new production area will be built and the new facilities will be introduced in July 2017.

The company currently has a total area of ​​approximately 4000 m² and after the completion of the expansion the area will cover 5637 m². Alupro has 55 employees under the same roof.

“Our service offering has become more diversified and the overall activity in the business has clearly increased, so we warmly welcome the additional space,” says Alupro CEO Vesa Samela.

About us

Alupro is a turnkey supplier of architectural facade solutions as well as an expert in facade and technical grilles, and safety rails. We create spectacular architecture with supreme technical functionality. Our solutions provide safety which complies with all official requirements. The products are delivered and installed in the right place at the right time.

Our extensive, bespoke facade louver solutions suit a broad range of applications. The products are mass customisable, and based on extensive experience, innovative solutions and serial production. In addition, long service life and use of recyclable materials make Alupro solutions an environmentally-friendly choice.

Alupro – Making architectural vision a reality

We in Alupro want to be part of the process of creating the best possible environment, which both delights and sustains. Our senses are continuously impacted by our surroundings.
We aspire to fulfill even the most challenging visions and find solutions to problematic scenarios. Where someone might see a problem, we see an opportunity for innovation. We pay great attention to detail in both the plans of the architects and engineers. Construction, marine and offshore industries all require innovative solutions which we actively develop by engaging in further study of the aforementioned fields.

Our proprietary machines and automated lines are mostly created by us and produce world class aluminum structures. Aluminum and stainless steel are chosen and vastly used for their recyclability and resilient nature. Our factory is in Tuusula, a short drive away from Helsinki airport. Though our output is extensive, the feeling inside is that of a small workshop. We equally appreciate both the efforts of our engineers and manual workers. The combined efforts create a visually pleasing, seamless and functional finish which mesmerizes us as much as it does our customers.

Shall we work together to create something that will make us proud for a lifetime?

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