Operational policy

Alupro’s technical and quality service is guided by customer expectations and standards related to aluminum construction. Our operations consist of a comprehensive service that includes design, manufacture and installation. The requirements of the CE marking of load-bearing steel and aluminum structures and the laws related to the operation are taken into account in the operation.

Recognizing customer expectations and staff skills are a condition for Alupro’s success. Staff training is part of continuous improvement. We implement development projects that develop the well-being and operations of our personnel, and we set indicators that monitor quality productivity every year. Communication is part of quality management, both internally for staff and externally for suppliers and other stakeholders.

In its operations, Alupro Oy is naturally committed to complying with environmental protection and occupational health and safety laws and requirements. The environmental aspects of the operations as well as occupational health and safety hazards have been mapped. Our personnel recognize the effects of their own work on both the environment and occupational safety, and the entire organization is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental and occupational health and safety systems. In addition, Alupro Oy is committed to the prevention of environmental pollution and the sustainable use of resources.

In order to take into account the customer and other requirements, we have documented process descriptions of the processes. Management is committed to maintaining quality management, and each Alupro employee is committed to following agreed procedures. The procedures include the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015, 45001: 2018, 3834-2 and product standard 1090-1-2-3.


Product approval and CE marking

The CE marking applies to construction products for which there is a harmonized product standard. Grilles and grilles are not currently covered by any harmonized product standard.

Instead of CE marking, we have implemented solutions with site-specific approval. Demonstration of site-specific suitability requires an expert opinion from the main structural designer stating that the intended implementation is in accordance with the plan. The review has taken into account the essential technical requirements for the implementation and their performance levels, such as load resistance, fire behavior and long-term resistance.


CE marked products

If you have weldable aluminum assemblies and product systems covered by a harmonized product standard, please contact us.

The quality assurance of our manufacturing meets all the conditions related to the assessment and certification of the constancy of performance, which are presented in the standard EN1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011.


Welding system and EN 1090-1

We have EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 certification for aluminum welding processes 131 and 141.

Our welders are qualified in accordance with EN ISO 9606-02 and our welding instructions have been approved by method tests in accordance with EN ISO 15614-2.