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Tuomas Anttila

Tuomas Anttila

Sales Manager
+358 44 331 2082

Harri Riikonen Harri Riikonen, Sales Engineer, Alupro

Harri Riikonen

Engineering Sales Manager, Export Sales
+358 207 421 726

Mirja Saarno Mirja Saarno image

Mirja Saarno

Export Coordinator
+358 207 421 704

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About us


Alupro Ltd. is a Finnish company who has its roots in the 1960s and started operations as a building products manufacturing company. Over the years, our operation has expanded to include aluminum facade, solar and various…


Operational policy

Alupro Ltd.’s technical and quality service is guided by customer expectations and standards of aluminum construction. Our turn key solutions consist of: design, manufacturing and installation. The business operation considers the requirements of CE marking…



Alupro is a reliable employer who aims to provide a rewarding working environment for all of our team members. We value integrity and good customer service and are always interested in hearing from people who…



You can find our resellers in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czeck Republic, Poland, Russia and Singapore. Alupro reseller in Russia is our subsidiary ALUPRO RUS, Alupro resellers in Europe Alupro reseller in Asia Our reseller…


Your vision made to last

With your architectural vision, we will make it unyielding and eye-catching for the next hundred years. Alupro designs and manufactures impressive architectural surfaces and high-quality ventilation solutions in Tuusula, Finland, just a short drive away from the capital city Helsinki.

We aspire to be the leading manufacturer of architectural surfaces in the world and to set the standards for great quality. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities and possibilities for new innovations. Working with our clients allows us to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and stunning environment.